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No matter the accent, dialect, or particular intonation required, Patrick's Voice can provide you with nothing less than excellent voice-over services each and every session. Voice Over Artist looking to provide premium services, for reasonable rates. I've logged hundreds of hours doing all sorts of voice-over work for a variety of creative and commercial products, and I know how to get you exactly what you need from your lines in a prompt, professional amount of time. Drop me a message on the form below today to book a first-rate voice-over actor.

Multifaceted Voice-over Experience

While some voice actors excel at flowery prose but struggle with reactions, I can comfortably handle anything you need from me. From sonnets to shouting, I'm more than ready to help you get exactly what you need onto tape. Not only am I versatile, I'm very flexible, and can work with your team to get my tones sounding exactly how you'd like them to on the day.

From Dubbing to Audiobooks

No matter if you need a proper voice for your commercial, a wonderful singing voice for your jingle, or a calm, measured tone for an audiobook or other extended session, I can deliver it. Dubbing is also one of the many voice-over essentials that I have extensive experience with, so if you need something with that localised flavour, get in touch with me and I'll help you out.


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